We are too well-fed in Silicon Valley

After three weeks in China, it's clear Beijing is Silicon Valley's only true competitor. After selling my startup, Shopkick, to SK Planet in 2014, and handing over my CEO role a year later, I packed up my 1- and 3-year-old sons and my wife Angel, and flew to Beijing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong for three…
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China Center Amsterdam Osdorp

“ New West catches up with the great gateway to China” China Center Amsterdam in Osdorp is a complex in which a 3 stars hotel with 153 rooms, some restaurants (food court) a business meeting point and a big parking spot, have been merged. Chinese entrepreneurs choose this region because of its convenient location to…
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Sustainable Urban Delta

[spacer] How does the city of the future look like? [spacer] More than 4.000 innovators and 200 innovations were present in Amsterdam on 14 April 2016 to showcase the Netherlands in a Sustainable Urban way of living. This expo is where start-ups, CEOs, scientists and ministers mingle and share their knowledge to the world. Together…
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