Frequently Asked Questions with a friendly answer

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Hi, we are Startup Desk.Amsterdam and we developed Startup Desk to help ‘your’ ideas or projects come to life.
Along with a bunch of Startup specialists we have an incubate and accelerate program in a one Desk landscape.
Yes that’s right, we are starting to be known. Our Scan is easy but extremely efficient for early startup entrepreneurs like you.
Through to this Smart scan it is possible to pitch your ideas 24/7 where and when you like it.
With this Scan we are analysing your  ideas on valuable models.
Of course, you can always make an appointment with one of our partners or give us a call.
However, if you like to discuss your ideas or project we always advise you to walk through our Scan first.
That is quite easy, if you like to start directly, go to  www.startupscan.amsterdam
If you need more info first than you are also welcome to surf around on www.startupdesk.amsterdam
If we think that you have one or more valuable models in your idea or project.
After your Scan, and you qualify, we like to have a serious meet and greet with you.
This takes roughly 2 hours and we discuss the Scan, your 1th Canvas and you as an early startup entrepreneur.
No, the diversity of ideas and projects are huge.
Everyone is welcome regardless which country, business or background.
At all times, you can download your non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in our Scan and upload this with your ideas or project.
We have also lawyers we can consult if you like.
Depending on the idea or project it will be a 3 till 6 months program, before the launch.
Yes, this is also depending which kind of idea and task you have inside your Startup.
Which partner fits you the most!
We work with a healthy financial crossover model, depending on which kind of Startup and in which phase we run the Startup we can finance a Startup.
It is like a tailored suit, which crossover model fits the best for you.
Yes, our team members and partners think global, act global and have global experiences.
You can say, Startup Desk is from Amsterdam your gateway for international success.
Lean startup is a method for developing businesses and products, first proposed in 2008 by Eric Ries.
The lean start-up’s popularity has grown outside of its Silicon Valley birthplace and has spread throughout the world.
Lean Startup is a trademark owned by Eric Ries and we like to recommend you to read his amazing book, ‘The Lean Startup’.
We work with a healthy financial crossover model, investors are always welcome to join one or more great Startups.
Depending on your experience and type of business we always like to welcome new valuable business partners.
Yes, if you can add extra value and you have that Startup drive, please let us know.
Do you have other questions? Please send us an e-mail at info@startupdesk.amsterdam and we will answer with a smile