China Center Amsterdam Osdorp

“ New West catches up with the great gateway to China”

China Center Amsterdam in Osdorp is a complex in which a 3 stars hotel with 153 rooms, some restaurants (food court) a business meeting point and a big parking spot, have been merged.

Chinese entrepreneurs choose this region because of its convenient location to Schiphol airport and Amsterdam city center.

Target groups are Chinese tourists and business minded people who want to stay in Amsterdam. This location in the West part of Amsterdam is the perfect breathing ground for it.

The food court will also be attractive to the immediate vicinity.

China center2

According to District Mayor Ahmed Baâdoud this new hotel offers opportunities for employment in New West.

The development of this hotel is in his opinion the first step towards the 'Gateway to China'.

“ New west catch up the great gateway to China”

China Center Amsterdam Osdorp, designed by architects Breebaart Korver

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