China Desk

The main objective in setting up our China Desk is to assist Chinese companies who like to invest in Startups or Startup a great project in the Netherlands. We assist Dutch Startups as well in the People’s Republic of China and build a long term relationship with Chinese Startups.

Legalize your Sino-Dutch Startup

In addition more and more Chinese companies and Startups coming to, work and live, for a short or long term, in the Netherlands. We can assist such Chinese Startup in applying for legal documents (e.g. work permit, residence permit, 30% ruling and other documents). We keep close contact with our Startups and provide tailor-made legal services to meet the best interest for our Startups.


Most of our lawyers and advisors in this Desk speak fluently Dutch, English and Chinese. All the lawyers and advisors have substantial experience in China-related practice. Since our lawyers and advisors are either from China or have extensive relations with China we are specialised in bridging the so-called (mutual) cultural shock.

China desk


We provide Startups the next Law services

  • employment law
  • tax law
  • intellectual property
  • bankruptcy / insolvency
  • social security
  • administrative law
  • civil law
  • business law
  • immigration law
  • rent law
  • environmental law
  • property law
  • insurance law
  • mediation & litigation
  • real estate

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We understand China

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