As a Landscape Ecologist, I’m interested in the relation between ecological processes and human interaction. In my work, I take a market-oriented advisory role, contributing to both specialized as well as integrated projects. I enjoy working in multidisciplinary project teams and actively seek cooperation with other disciplines, for example civil engineers and urban planners. I play an active role in developing a project team and integrate ecological key indicators into projects and processes.

I have a Master’s degree in Forestry and Nature Conservation, with a specialisation in Policy and Management & Rural Development, and extensive experience as consultant Nature and Landscape at a Dutch Landscape Foundation (ca. 9 years).  With my broad (ecological) knowledge I am capable of managing complex and innovative projects and processes. In my work, I independently obtain new contracts from new and existing customers, both public and private. In addition, I run my own company specializing in funeral advice including preserving and restoring historical cemeteries and natural burials.

I find it very rewarding to be able to translate complex matters into understandable language for all stakeholders involved in the projects, from farmer to politician. In addition, I am able to propose applicable (project) proposals based on customer needs. Through my excellent communication skills, I maintain good relationships with clients in the working field. I am very passionate about Ecology which translates into a very motivated work attitude with a willingness to learn and develop. As a professional and as a person, from a personal passion, I am driven to find smart solutions for a clean, safe and sustainable living environment. Building bridges and keeping close contact with the customer are central to this.