Christian is an entrepreneur and active in the digital media branch since 2003.

In 2010 he started a mobile agency, which has a focus on mobile design and development of apps for Google Android and Apple iOS devices. They were one of the first agencies in The Netherlands that successfully realised high-end Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions.

Christian started a second company in 2014, called 24 Brick Lane, that aims advising and helping companies with their sales & digital marketing questions and needs. A lot of companies still struggle with their digital transformation: 24 Brick Lane has a broad experience and expertise, and helps companies and their employees to think, sell and operate more digital towards their target markets.

In the last couple of years Christian often came in touch with startups who wanted to use his knowledge and experience for mobile and online projects to sales & digital marketing expertise. By the time he learned that “a successful startup” is much more than just a good idea.

“I am enthusiastic to participate in the Startup Desk platform and I like to be surprised by new and distinctive ideas and entrepreneurs”.